The BlissDom’12 Connection

My Bliss Box arrived in the mail today. Goodies, free coupons from sponsor ConAgra Foods and an agenda to help me prep for my experience in Nashville.

It’s all about connections.

Over a year ago I was posting pictures of what I as having for dinner on Facebook for my friends. My good friend Kami kept encouraging me to start a blog. From there she introduced me to Rachel. Unbeknownst to Rachel, she became my blogging idol; so when I noticed A Southern Fairytale tweeting and blogging her plans to attend  BlissDom last year, I took notice.

Then a few months ago my old PR crony Sherry nudged me into thinking about attending BlissDom’12. “Let’s save money and run off to Nashville,” she said.  After quick deiberations about budget, driving vs. flying, how long could our husbands survive with two boys each, stay in dirt-bag hotels or at Opryland; we romanced our men into agreeing to let us head off to Tennessee sans children — as long as we agreed not to start a singing career.

So Nashville is where Sherry and I will be staring in our next adventure. We’ll discover our “bliss” in blogging, make new friends, meet “old” (social media) friends in person, encourage others, and be empowered.

All roads will intersect in Nashville in a couple of weeks. There are hundreds of ladies making plans to attend BlissDom’12. I’m told there will be laughter, tears, singing and dancing; but best of all we’ll be connecting.

Connecting with other bloggers sounds like bliss, and isn’t that what it’s all about?


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