The Bliss Experience

OK, after reading quite a few posts about BlissDom, I’ll be the first to admit — I chose the wrong sessions to attend. So I probably didn’t get the most out of this incredible blogging conference as I should.

However here are a few thoughts with what I did walk away with:

I used to plan conferences similar in the format / sponsorship supported as BlissDom. So I probably turned into more of an observer vs. the active participant that I should have been. This I will say, I was impressed. The sponsorship involvement down the schedule was impressive. The only glitch that I saw was at breakfast where the clean plates were placed in the middle of the buffet table instead of the end where the line entered. (It was hard to turn off my event planning/PR hat). However all the Bliss Chicks did a fabulous job!


Sometimes life brings you the oddest connections. This is so with Amanda (@MagdaRow), whom I found in the the BlissDom Facebook Newbie page. Turns out that she’s the sister-in-law to a good friend that I’ve known since I was 10 years old from summer camp/high school/college roommate. Such a small world, and for the short 24 hours we were together in Nashville, I felt like she could be a soul mate.

@IamChrisMann and I

Chris Mann is just a nice guy — and a smart guy to linger around so many bloggers for hours. He noticed me photo stalking him at Saturday night’s reception from afar. In my defense I just wanted to show my Facebook friends who are avid followers of The Voice, that he was at my conference. It didn’t matter if I was in the photo or not. He took notice, walked over and asked if he could take a photo with me. Then he proceeded to linger for a couple of minutes to chat with my friend Sherry and I. He has my vote.

As for the rest of the celebrities in attendance, the only one I was excited to meet was The Lorax. I seem to have thing for plump fuzzy characters who don’t hand out roses to middle age women.

While in line, I met incredible women with inspiring ideas. Like this coupon organizer/folder/bag.

I heard some incredible artists.

I can't wait for my @HersheysKisses Easter Basket to arrive in the mail. Hey, it's vegetarian, right? (so sorry for the out of focus shot. Trying to balance heavy bags made it hard to focus with the other hand)

I won a @famousfootwear gift card.

Special thanks to my roomie @PRcarrS for convincing me to attend BlissDom -- and then actually wanted to hang out with me. Otherwise I have just twiddled my thumbs in Texas.

I fell in love with @allorahandmade items.

So I guess the one thing I did take away from BlissDom is this — it’s all about making connections.  Hopefully that’s something I’ll be able maximize during 2012 so I can build up to an amazing BlissDom’13 experience.

So goodbye to all the wonderful ladies and one guy (@busydadblog) that I met in Nashville. I’ll be reconnecting with you online and hope to see you again in 2013!

Goodbye BlissDom'12!


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  1. I feel like I just read about my experience at Blissdom! Loved this. I too picked mostly the wrong sessions and was doing a lot of observing everywhere. Thank you for writing this. And even though it was brief, glad I got to meet you. It IS all about the connecting, right?

  2. Can’t believe your comment on the plates!!! @DollopsofDiane and I were going mental over it and we actually MOVED them! Hilarious! Great post. And I totally agree with what you said about the business track!

  3. You might find this funny. At the Centrum/Chris Mann lunch, the waiter came to our table to ask if we had any special needs.

    I said I had requested a vegan or vegetarian meal. He brought me the chicken.

    I hadn’t noticed at first because I was talking and the chicken blended with the rice from the breadcrumb coating.

    I ate it. Not worth it.

  4. Oh, I wish we’d gotten to meet! (Which is funny because I saw your roomie everywhere!)

    I know what you mean about the sessions. I went to one that was fantastic, 2 or 3 that were solid, and the other half weren’t worth going to.

    It really is all about the connections!

      • I could introduce you! You were both on my list of favs. It was really nice meeting you as I’m sure I’ve already told you but it was so nice to connect with so many amazing women/bloggers/entrepreneurs/mothers etc. I’m still blown away by it all.

        • Alia, you definitely stick out in my mind from that weekend. You always gave me such a sweet smile whenever our paths crossed. I wished I had sat down to have gotten to know you better. Seriously kickingly myself for being such a wall flower.

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