Visit Scissors Paper Keyboard for My Guest Post

Veggie Hot Pocket

Today I’m guest posting over at Scissors, Paper, Keyboard for my friend Sherry who is on a quest to loose weight.  Heck, I’m on that same quest.

Sherry and I have known each other for years — meeting through PRSA in our professional lives.  On a personal level she understands my dry sense of humor, which is relief because I know I don’t have to worry that she’s going to take offense if I say something flippant. She gets me.

Back in the days we sipped on shakes from Sonic as we studied for an exam. Today we sip on nutritious smoothies as we meet up on-line and conspire about life. So why don’t you join us…just click here..and discover why Sherry makes me laugh. And as a bonus, you’ll find my recipe for Veggie Hot Pockets on her blog.


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