I missed my Wordless Wednesday post yesterday because I’m at my parents’ house who live in the country. Their internet service is lacking, to say the least. I joke that they can’t get decent internet service because the cows eat the cable — a joke that our friends believed when we were kids on why we didn’t have cable TV.

Republic, MO prices

Yesterday I was in town shopping for groceries with my Mom when we came across the most beautiful sweet potatoes for 19 cents each. My Mom asked, “Have you ever seen sweet potatoes at such a low price?” I’m not sure what sweet potatoes are costing in San Antonio, but it did seem worth a photo.

Our Thanksgiving Day is rather low-key this year. My sisters are both working today so we’ll have our family celebration tomorrow. We’re all still in our pajamas because the weather is below freezing. However this Thanksgiving has already beaten last year’s — hand’s down. Last year my then 18 month old had the full-blown flu.

So today, even with the cold temps, nobody is sick. And for that I am thankful.